Best Online College English Courses

The Best Online College English Courses for Credit

 Communication is an essential part of daily life, both in professional and personal situations. English majors learn the meaning of words and foundational aspects of communication. Taking online college English courses will help you master the skills you need to communicate better in all situations. If finding out what online college English classes are the best for you, read on.

Online learning has made it possible for international students and national students alike to study at their own pace and from any location. Online college English courses for credit provide them with the English skills necessary to put them on the right English major career paths. You can learn everything college students learn without enrolling in an English degree program.

Why Should I Take an Online English Course for Credit?

English fundamentals, skills in communication, and professional writing are crucial for formal careers, no matter what industry you’re in, making online English courses a vital part of the postsecondary experience. As a professional, you will likely be required to write comprehensive reports that are easy to understand, create presentations, and send emails.

An online English course for credit will help you master effective writing skills to thrive in your workplace. Effective writing skills will help you improve your writing process, prevent you from making English errors, and will build your English language skills and communication. It will also open up career opportunities.

These courses are online, making them a cheaper and more flexible option compared to what campus students pay. Without the on-campus experience, tuition rates and associated fees are lower, and your schedule is more flexible so you can pursue other important personal or career goals. For-credit courses also allow you to transfer these credits if or when you choose to attend a university full-time.

Top 10 Online English Courses for Credit

Course TitleProviderPrice
English Composition II with Sarah SurmaMcGraw Hill$119
English Composition IMcGraw-Hill$79.00
English Composition IIMcGraw-Hill$79.00
Introduction to Creative WritingDuke University$1,910 per credit hour
Survey of Women’s LitMaryville University$500 per credit
Introduction to PoetryUniversity of Illinois Springfield$358.50 per credit hour
American Literature After 1865Eastern Oregon University$265 per credit hour
Alternative Writing and Rhetorics CourseFlorida International University$229 in state
$346 out of state
Introduction to Creative Writing of FictionMontgomery College$201 per credit hour
Play and ScreenwritingNormandale Community College$460.15 per credit hour

Best Online College English Classes and Courses: Explained

1. English Composition II with Sarah Surma

This course focuses on academic writing with topics like citation, critical thinking, research writing, and documentation. The course includes a wide range of readings to help develop your writing style. This training will cover critical reading skills for literary analysis, evaluation, and classification, as well as research-based writing, illustration, and media analysis.

2. English Composition I

This English composition course focuses on the different types of writing such as argumentative, compare and contrast, descriptive, narrative, and persuasive. Before the course ends, online students will improve their English proficiency and be able to highlight the importance of punctuation, proper grammar, spelling, revision, editing, and effective research strategies.

3. English Composition II

This course offers an introduction to a variety of topics including writing, academic research, citation, critical thinking, and even documentation. Online students in this program will dive further into research-based writing, communication methods, media analysis, literary analysis, evaluation, and illustration.

4. Introduction to Creative Writing

This course introduces students to the main genres of creative writing including fiction writing, creative nonfiction writing, poetry, and playwriting. This course is ideal because it offers peer critique of each student’s work. The readings in this course include poems, stories, and published essays. Also, English students will work on weekly assignments and submit a portfolio at the end of the course.

5. Survey of Women’s Lit

This English course focuses on American and English traditions of literature written by women. Students will cover topics like appreciation of fiction, literary analysis, memoirs, poetry, and even drama written by contemporary and classical authors. The curriculum will also cover the roles of the authors as well as characters in their literary and historical context.

6. Introduction to Poetry

This course offers an introduction to poetry. Students will learn the basic elements and master the technical vocabulary to take close readings and write well-reasoned argumentative essays. Before the course ends, students will learn to appreciate poetry as an art. 

7. American Literature After 1865

This course focuses on American literature after the Civil War as well as the shift from romanticism to realism in the late 19th century. Also, students will learn about postmodernism in the 20th century and how the African American, Native American, and immigrant voices intersect with these movements.  

Top 5 Free Online College English Courses

  • Sharpened Visions: A Poetry Workshop | California Institute of the Arts by Coursera. This CalArts course can be completed in ten hours and is focused on key poetic devices and terms. Students learn about contemporary and modern poets to understand their work. They also get an opportunity to craft their poems and receive feedback on them.
  • Shakespeare’s Life and Work | Harvard University by edX. This course from edX teaches students about the life and work of the famous William Shakespeare. Students learn about his plays and how to read them. It also covers his biography. The course lasts for four weeks, during which students will also learn about Jacobean and Elizabethan history.
  • Better Business Writing in English | The University of California, Irvine by Coursera. This course is for students who want to develop business writing skills. It helps students to develop their own voice in writing and gives them a chance to practice their skills in different business communications.
  • Write a Feature Length Screenplay for Film or Television | Michigan State University by Coursera. This course lasts for 20 weeks and focuses on how to write a screenplay for television or film. The curriculum follows a structured process that lets you come up with a polished script.

Are Online English College Courses Worth It?

Yes, online English college courses are worth it because they help you to master literary skills to make oral communication easier. If you also want to venture into other fields like creative writing, these courses will help you get right on track. Not only are they cheaper, but they also allow you to learn at your own pace. In time, you can still use the credit to get a bachelor’s degree or an advanced degree from graduate school.

Online College English Courses

Can I do an English course online?

Yes, you can do an English college course online. There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right online courses to do. Depending on your interests, you can choose to learn general communication, poetry, creative writing, and screenplay writing.

Is an online college English course worth it?

An English college class is worth it, especially if it is an online English program. This means that you would not need to attend classes physically, but still, get quality education at a more affordable rate. 

Also, online classes can help you to sharpen your communication skills to help you thrive at work or in business and achieve your academic goals. This applies to both non-native English speakers and native English speakers.

Should I take an English course?

An English course can help you to enhance your fluency when it comes to writing, speaking, and targeting certain skills for a professional and social environment. The classes are interesting and varied. If you prefer English history, creative writing, and the like, you can take a course that offers these topics.

What skills do you learn in English class?

English courses can help you develop skills like reading, listening, speaking, and writing. With time, you will also become more skilled in grammar, pronunciation, spelling, and vocabulary. These core courses will make you a better orator and communicator.